Voice From The Stone Honorees

On an annual basis, the Union County Veterans Remembrance Committee selects one or more Union County Veterans as its Honoree for the annual Veteran's Day ceremony held at the Union County Veteran's monument.

Select a Voice From The Stone Honoree below to find out more details about the veteran and their service.

Honoree details and Bio's prepared by Zach Schmidt.

Voice From The Stone Honorees:

2023 Honoree: Samuel Layton Hill
2022 Honoree: Simon Shover
2021 Honoree: James. A. Curry
2020 Honorees:
Virgil R Webb, Virgil Webb Jr.
2019 Honoree: Oscar C Decker
2018 Honoree: Ralph Ewing
2017 Honorees: Calvin E Newell, Charles G Bowersmith, Ronald Hamilton
2016 Honoree: Ransom Reed
2015 Honoree: James Cochenour
2014 Honorees: Ralph Berger, Dyer Bird
2013 Honorees: John "Blackie" Porter, Harold Neibler
2012 Honorees: Melviron (Alviron) Wilcox, Richard Wilcox, Charles Wilcox
2011 Honorees: George S. Miller, Jesse Z. Miller
2010 Honoree: Thomas W. Richardson
2009 Honorees: David H. Fisher, George H. Wolpert
2008 Honorees: Raymond S. Veley, Herman Blumenschein
2007 Honorees: Donald D. Claar, Kevin W. Prince