Search By Donor Last Name

To assist visitors who wish to locate a memorial brick paver, the Union County Veterans Memorial Plaza has been mapped (see link below) into 15 sections.

To conduct a search for the location of a brick paver utilizing the Donor Last Name, select the letter button below which corresponds to the first letter of the Donor Last Name, then obtain the Paver Location letter which will be listed in the far right column:

A_button.jpg B_button.jpg C_button.jpg D_button.jpg E_button.jpg
F_button.jpg G_button.jpg H_Button.jpg I_Button.jpg J_Button.jpg
K_Button.jpg L_Button.jpg M_button.jpg N_Button.jpg O_button.jpg
P_Button.jpg Q_button.jpg R_button.jpg S_button.jpg T_button.jpg
U_button.jpg V_Button.jpg W_button.jpg Y_button.jpg Z_button.jpg

After obtaining the location section letter for a particular Brick Paver, view the Plaza Map below to locate the brick paver section in the Memorial Plaza:

Plaza_Map.jpg View the Memorial Plaza Map which displays the locations of the 15 brick paver sections